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ADMINTELECOM is passionate about performance and scalability in your infrastructure. Our quality of services showcasing in our data center installations. From rack and cabinet design and implementation to fiber backbone, electrical service, raised flooring and more – ADMINTELECOM can provide all your data center consultation, design, construction and management.

ADMINTELECOM has been providing refurbishment services to MTN Ghana and ORANGE Ivory coast for their cabling infrastructure since 2014 and we’ve grown to care for all levels of data center installations.

Admintelecom provides engineering designs compliant with engineering for Contingent staffing agencies in Accra with the industry’s best practices in compliance with and TIA standards.

Switch Site Restoration

  • Identification and removal of unused Cables
  • Optimization of Floor space by removing decommissioned equipment and Cabinets
  • Restoration of Equipment Cabinets
  • Grouping of Cabinets (For easier O&M)
  • Separations of traffic (Fiber & copper) and power Cables
  • Restoration of existing or installations of new Cables trays
  • Restoration and strengthening of Raise Floor
  • Labeling of Cables
  • Servicing DC Power system (Battery testing, Cable connections, etc.)